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Brandco Direct Customers can purchase eGift Cards on our website. There are $20, $50 and $100 Brandco Direct Gift Cards available. After the purchase, our customer service will send eGift Card to you with a gift voucher code through email. Brandco Direct eGift Card can only be used toward the payment of the purchase at There is no cash value

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Any refund or order cancellation will be applied to the original gift card within 2 days.

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Brandco Direct eGift Card will not expire. We are not responsible if your eGift Card code is lost, stolen, destroyed, or any reason your Gift Card is used by third party without your permission.


    Brandco Direct 礼品卡,好礼物分享给你最爱的人


Brandco Direct用户可以在网站主页上购买网上礼品卡赠送亲朋好友。礼品卡分为三种金额 $20,$50,$100任您选择。在您点击购买之后我们客服将会将您购买礼品卡生产的代码发送您的邮箱里。Brandco Direct 网络礼品卡只能在www.BrandcoDirect.com网站上用于购物使用,并没有现金价值。目前,我们的礼品卡并没有实体卡片,收卡人在网站进行购物,结账时候可以选择使用gift voucher code进行消费



任何退款,订单取消或修改订单导致对Gift Card的金额进行调整,将在2个工作日内完成。礼品卡只能兑换商品,不可兑换现金,也不支持退还。使用过程中可以随时对余额进行查询。


Brandco Direct礼品卡不会过期,没有使用的时间限制。请妥善保留您的礼品卡号码,如果不小心泄露他们造成的损失,我们将不会承担.