VIP Benefits

Membership Conditions and Regulations Membership

  • Membership is available to qualifying individuals 18 years of age or older.
  • Membership is non-transferable. Brandco Direct Membership can only be used by the individuals to whom they are issued.
  • It will take two business days to either register as a VIP member or upgrade from Regular Membership to VIP membership.
  • Brandco Direct reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant and membership maybe terminated at Brandco Direct’s discretion without cause, as well as for such things as failure to comply with these conditions and regulations or abuse of your membership privileges.
  • VIP membership fee is $5 per 12-month period from the date of enrollment; This annual fees might be adjusted without further notice. VIP membership fee is subject to applicable taxes.

Product and Membership Guarantee

  • On VIP Membership: we will refund your VIP membership fee in full if you are dissatisfied.
  • On Merchandise: we guarantee your satisfaction with every product you purchase from within 7 days and will refund your purchase price or exchange the product, with the following exceptions:
    1. Personal cares, cosmetics
    2. Unsealed/opened Food products (except there is quality issue)

VIP Member’s Exclusive Benefits

  • From time to time, Brandco Direct will offer great specials exclusive to Brandco Direct VIP Members.
  • Brandco Direct VIP members will be able to enjoy 1% annual reward (Reward) on almost all purchases as described below.
    • The Reward is approximately 1% of pre-tax purchases on made by the VIP member on the VIP membership account.
    • The period of reward calculation will run approximately from the date of the VIP member’s paid enrollment or upgrade to VIP Membership through the date prior to the VIP member’s renewal date.
    • The reward will be ready within three months after your renew your VIP membership. The reward will be directly deposit to your account. You can apply the reward toward any purchase on The Reward can only be used toward purchases on The reward cannot be redeemed for cash.
    • Rewards will not be calculated on certain categories as determined from time to time at Brandco Direct’s sole discretion.
    • The Reward Program is subject to the following restrictions. Brandco Direct reserves the right at its discretion to discontinue the Reward Program at any time and to make changes to the program. Failure to comply with these conditions and regulations or abuse of your membership privileges may result in the cancellation of your VIP membership or curtailment of certain privileges. A member must be an active, paid VIP Member at the time the Reward is earned and issued in order to receive the annual 1% Reward. Only purchases made by the VIP member are used to calculate the Reward.
    • VIP Members who downgrade to Regular membership and receive a refund of their VIP membership fees will not receive a Reward.
    • Calculation of a Reward is capped at, and will not exceed, $1,000 for any 12-month period.
  • VIP member might receive surprise birthday gift from Brandco Direct.

Renewing or Deleting membership

  • Membership renewals or cardholder changes, including deletions, can only be authorized by the original VIP member.
  • Renewal is for a 12-month period based on the month of initial enrollment of the VIP member, whether or not shopping privileges have been exercised.

Lost or Forget membership account

If member forgets his/her username or password, please contact our customer service office for help :905-507-8883. For confirmation purpose, our customer service representative will ask you some questions about your account.

Privacy Policy

Brandco Direct is committed to protecting the privacy of its customer. See “Customer Privacy Policy”.