Tide To Go Bleach Pen (10ml)

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Product Code: CH01870

Features: (10ml)

Brand: Tide 

Product details: Tide to Go Stain Releaser Pen helps remove even tough grease stains while "on the go" with the combination of a powerful cleaning solution that breaks stains down, and a micro-fiber pad that lifts and absorbs them.

Tide to Go Laundry Detergent is the #1 instant stain remover* to help remove some of your toughest FreshFood and drink stains.

Remove excess residue from stain.

Press the tip onto the stain several times to release some stain remover solution onto the stain.

Rub tip gently across the stain to remove it. When necessary, add more liquid and continue rubbing gently.

Important: If treated area will be exposed to direct sunlight, wipe with a damp cloth or napkin to remove excess solution left on fabric.

For Best Results: Follow all four steps above. Safe on most colourfast, machine washable and dry cleanable fabrics. Some fabrics may be susceptible to colour change. Test on a hidden area prior to use.

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